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Autumn 2013

While bidding the summer a gradual farewell, think about making the most of your wardrobe for the autumn and winter. This season we are seeing some striking trends with the emphasis on making a bold and elegant impact, highlighting quality and style. A few key pieces will lift your look to the next level. I have picked out some of the main trends which I hope will inspire you.

Simple shapes and minimal detail in good leather will stand out on any occasion for this season and beyond.


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Create an image with flattering sharp lines and minimal detail. Look for flashes of colour with strong bold prints to make the most of your silhouette with high impact style. Accessories should be bold but simple.

Indulge in the ultimate luxury this winter with opulent furs. Look for a contemporary design in rich but muted seasonal colours. There are also plenty of great faux furs around for those who prefer them. Perfect for a dressy night out but for cutting edge urban chic, complete your second skin panache with tight leather pants and boots.

Sculptured elegance, with heels as high as you can wear, will add the final touch to your evening look, from formal dresses to trouser suits. Slip them on with skinny jeans or classic daywear to switch into evening style.