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Spring 2013

The advent of spring provides such wonderful fashion opportunities. Not only is it practical to wear fewer, lighter layers, but it’s often inspiring to match the bright and joyful colours of the season with our wardrobes. This year, splashes of bright colour are a must for the spot-on spring look and I’ve picked out a few of the season’s key trends which I hope will give you a little inspiration.


Coral is a firm favourite on this season’s catwalks. Choose from delicate coral prints or a solid colour pop in simple t-shirts or dresses paired with simple gold or tan accessories. Alternatively, pick from a range of coral coloured shoes and accessories to add a spring-time vibrance to existing outfits. Just beware not to wear all coral at the same time!

Accessory Choices

Choose bold, modern bracelets and chunky jewellery with a sculptural style to make a great statement and fantastic finishing touch. Casually draping a light chiffon scarf will complement any look and add a bit of panache to your style.


Denim gets an upgrade for spring 2013. Skinny or straight cut, choose from vibrant spring colours or classic vintage blue. Pair with a tailored jacket, a crisp blouse or just a simple t-shirt. Throw on your pumps for a fresh, casual chic or slip into elegant heels for a sexy uptown look.

Strike a confident pose and stride into enviable summer style with stunning elegant heels. Wear them to show off your newly tanned legs with a light summer dress or team with your favourite jeans to enhance your femininity this season.


A blue-bell springs upon the ledge,
A lark sits singing in the hedge;
Sweet perfumes scent the balmy air,
And life is brimming everywhere.
What lark and breeze and bluebird sing,
Is Spring, Spring, Spring!


Paul Laurence Dunbar


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