Trend Alert for Men
Spring 2013

A blue-bell springs upon the ledge,
A lark sits singing in the hedge;
Sweet perfumes scent the balmy air,
And life is brimming everywhere.
What lark and breeze and bluebird sing,
Is Spring, Spring, Spring!


Paul Laurence Dunbar

Such a positive and optimistic season, Spring can inspire us to freshen up our wardrobes with lighter, brighter clothes. I’ve picked out a few of this year’s key trends here that can not just help you kick start your spring-summer look but also offer a bit of seasonal practicality. As always, there are options and twists for everyone’s style and preferences. Even by adding one or two bright fresh pieces, you can freshen up your existing wardrobe.

Colour of the Season STRONG BLUE

Casual wear is so easily adaptable to the changing moods of the seasons. With spring finally threatening to show its face this year, strong blues are the must-have colour to give the nascent season a bit of moral support, ranging from vivid cobalts and bright sky-blues to more conservative navy and royal blues.

Adding a single item (jacket, jeans, t-shirt or even canvas shoes) to your existing casual look will hit this trend spot on. But don’t be tempted to wear more than one vivid piece at a time.

Accessory Choices

Modern man-about town is always looking for a new toy, prop or functional accessory to add a bit of practical flair. Whether it’s a bag, hat, belt, shades or gadget cover, there are more than ever to choose from in a vast range of styles. Depending on your tastes and personal style you can look just as current with timeless leather and earth-tone fabrics as you can with the brighter colours and edgier designs reflecting the mood of the season.


Effortlessly balance style with substance with a lightweight spring coat: an essential presence in any wardrobe and a great versatile cover-up. Go for the season’s ever-present blue or a contrasting khaki. Choose a lightweight but sturdy fabric with some structured detailing and obvious external pockets to get this season’s unfussy but self-assured masculine look.

Spring Outerwear LIGHT & STURDY

Simple and unfussy does not mean low-impact. Go for smooth, clean lines this season with minimal ornamentation. Classic leather or suede is always good but, for a great lightweight casual look, think about deck shoes or bright seasonally coloured canvas pumps. For spot on trend, get rid of the socks and wear with turned up trousers or knee length shorts.

Seasonal Footwear LIGHT & SIMPLE

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